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A question I am often asked is “I would like a stained glass window making how much will it cost me?” This is a difficult to question to answer because without understanding what the client wants it is difficult to provide an accurate costing. However a budget for a typical original stained glass panel would be a design charge of £100 to £150 and a manufacturing cost in the range of £75 to £130 per square foot. The costing depends on a number of factors but it comes down to the cost of the materials, the cost of labour and the shipping and installation costs.

Material Costs

For a typical panel the main variable in the material cost is the cost of the price of the glass. The cost of stained glass can range from £20 per square metre for machine made glass to over £150 per square metre for hand blown glass. The panel’s design affects the number of pieces that can be cut out from a sheet of glass. For example leaves will be cut to follow the flow in the glass reducing the number of pieces that can be cut from a sheet. Irregular shapes will also result in higher amount of wastage. The material cost is therefore a combination of the cost of the glass and the expected yield per sheet.

Labour Costs

The labour costs are driven by the number of pieces and the complexity of the design. A leaded window with rectangular panels is a lot faster to make than one with complex cuts. The more pieces a panel has and the more complex the designs then the longer it will take to cut, build, lead and cement.

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