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Elaborate Peony Tiffany Lamp

Size 22 in diameter.
Number of pieces 1038.
Pattern Repeats 3.
Design by Odyssey

Current Status

Peony Flowers

Peony Flowers

It is helpful to gain a better understanding of the design so the pattern was coloured. The coloured selected are not the final just ones and have just been used to highlight the design.

Colouring  copy of the pattern

Colouring copy of the pattern

Having purchased the mould and selected the colours I wanted to use I was having difficulty sourcing all the Urobros glass I wanted in the U.K so imported the glass directly from the USA .

The glass fibre mould has been manufactured with the pattern marked on the surface of the mould. However there was a variation between the sizes of the myler pattern which is provided to cut the glass from and the pattern marked on the mould. Before starting I wanted to check I wanted to check the pattern against the mould so have cut approximately one third of the pieces out of cardboard and attached then to the mould see photo.

Checking the pattern against the mould

Checking the pattern against the mould

The next stage is cutting the glass and it will be a couple of months before I have time to start manufacture.

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