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Lyn and Robert purchased a bird box with a camera in 2007 hoping to have their own mini version of Springwatch. A rough website was written so the images could be broadcast to the world and they waited for the birds to start nesting. The birds in the garden however had other ideas. A pair of Blue Tits did nest but in the old (cameraless) nesting box! The nest box proved a popular breeding ground for earwigs and the occasional home of a spider. In the winter they installed black and white infra red camera in a Hedgehog box. This proved to be as popular as the bird box but was home to a spider who occasionally moved round the box for the camera. For 2008 they have invested in a second bird box and camera hoping to double the chances for success. The new bird box was positioned on the back fence and proved a hit.A Both Great Tits and Blue Tits were both been seen inspecting the box and the Great Tits nested.See the 2008 archive. The Blue Tits nested in the old cameraless nest box.For 2009 this box now has a camera as well.

When the camera is on, either a still image or live video feed will be displayed. Your browser must support Windows Media Player to view live video pictures.

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