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Two ducks.My second stained glass panel

Ducks  ©
Size 26"x 18" (650x 450mm)
Original pattern by GlasDesign
Design Modified by R. Clunas
Manufactured by R. Clunas
Manufactured in 1998

This was may second stained glass panel. I was made during a long weekend course at Higham Hall . I adapted the design from a copper foil pattern to make it suitable for use with lead came. The design was probably too optimistic for the time allocated on the course but I was able to get it finished by sacrificing valuable time in the bar. All the pieces were all cut by hand and oversize pieces corrected by slowly nibbling the glass away with pliers. The grinder that I use now is a lot faster but does remove a little of the skill.

The background the picture is taken against makes the glass look darker than it is in practice. The texture of the glass used for the water is very effective in bring an element of movement to the composition.

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